Ubuntu: Black Screen With Message


Whenever I start the laptop there comes a black screen with message as shown in the image below.

enter image description here

But After shutting down and restarting again and again 10-20 times(sometimes more than 20) it gets started.and I always set priority of OS as Ubuntu first and then Windows but after this shutting down and restarting process the priority of OS gets changed and windows becomes first priority.


Common reasons for this:

  1. you hard disk is not detected and the boot order in BIOS skips it and then ends up picking network boot (PXE is related to network). This can happen if the cable in your system that is attached to the hard disk is faulty or is not connected firmly. If you open BIOS and the hard disk is detected this is NOT the cause.

  2. Your boot order has a boot order where "network" comes before "hard drive". The item you want to boot off should to be the 1st in the line of boot options. (you could put the DVD 1st but it will take a bit of time for the system to skip booting from it and picking the next option). In general it is best to put the hard disk 1st and change the boot order when you need another option (like when installing from DVD/USB).

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