Ubuntu: bash: ./name.exe: Permission denied


I want to execute a program in Ubuntu 12.04...but when I type


it makes error:

bash: ./gbat.exe: Permission denied  

and I typed "chmod +x programname.exe" , but it doesn't fix that... Can you help me?


The program you are trying to execute seems to be for the Windows platform. If you do a file programname.exe you will get information about the file. Example:

file Setup.exe  Setup.exe: PE32 executable (GUI) Intel 80386, for MS Windows  

This means it will not execute unless you have a working Windows system (dual boot, inside a virtual container or maybe with WINE).

This is probably the gamebook authoring tool? twinery should be similar and can be used on-line. And we also have this topic: Is there any program designed for writing a book?

The chmod command will only work on programs that are made for Linux.

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