Ubuntu: Asus pa279q 2560x1440 resolution nvidia hdmi


This thread is covered in many posts here, but in the end none of them were useful to solve my issue. As the title says i d like to reach the full resolution on my 27inch monitor using an nvidia gforce gt 520m with hdmi output. i was actually able to reach that resolution uninstalling nvidia drivers and using nouveau plus inserting the new mode with xrandr, But, the quality is really bad, fonts are really blurred.

I d like to know if this problem is solvable or if people in my situation just gave up and roll back to 1920x1200 resolution. afaiu the card is good enough for that resolution, ubuntu is updated to 14.04. maybe the xrandr settings is wrong? how to properly configure it? is there a way to use nvidia proprietary drivers so i can have opengl?

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