Ubuntu: “stick” button behavior in title bar?


I noticed that in Xubuntus (Xfce) windows manager settings there's an option to show a "stick" button in the title bar of application windows.

Out of curiosity I enabled it (moved from hidden to show). However I am not sure what it does and can't seem to figure it out.

A quick google search gave me no useful results.

What does it do exactly? How is it useful?

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from XFCE Getting Started Guide

Stick / unstick windows

If you “stick” a window, it will be visible at the same place on all your workspaces. The same repeated action make a window to stick/unstick :

click the stick/unstick button of the title bar open the window menu button from the title bar and choose “Stick” or “Unstick” item use the Alt + F10 keyboard shortcut

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