Ubuntu: Adobe Acrobat Reader version 10/11 & Ubuntu 14.04


I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 desktop. I have enabled the partners repo & installed Adobe Reader 9.5.5 OK. Unfortunately, I need Adobe Reader version 10 or 11 for the particular .pdf file I'm using. If anyone is interested, the .pdf file is a file supplied by UK's HMRC for Company Returns which requires certain Trust settings to be made. Can anybody tell me where I can download an appropriate (to Ubuntu 14.04) Adobe Reader 10/11 install file? PS I've tried Adobe's web site & internet searched.


maybe you can try to install the Adobe Reader with Wine.

the last native version was adobe reader 9, newer versions are only available for Windows and MacOS.


Only solution was to install Adobe Reader for Windows XP: I have Windows XP running as a VM using VirtualBox. That worked OK. Hopefully, this problem will not be there for next year's company accounts & tax return as HMRC told me that they will not be using Adobe Reader writing to a downloaded (from HMRC) CT600 pdf file but will instead be completing a CT600 form directly on their website. This is the method used for HMRC personal tax returns, which work OK.


You can try to open it using Adobe on Android Tablet / or mobile. I am doing this in case I would like to use some features like adding comments or highlighting. I hope this works for you.

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