Ubuntu: Adding Hindi Fonts to Ubuntu Font Family


I wish to add more Hindi fonts to the Ubuntu Font Library, so that I can use them in LibreOffice.

The three font types are available on this website in TTF format on this website. http://www.abhivyakti-hindi.org/abhi/hindi_shusha_fonts_dl_help.htm

How do I add them?


First Dowbload Fonts. Then open Nautilus as Root By Command: gksudo nautilus

Now Copy Your Font File To /usr/share/fonts. You can also Paste In /usr/share/fonts/truetype/ubuntu-font-family
(Type "ctrl+L" To Navigate Quickly)

Now, You Can Easily Use That Fonts In Libre-Office.


Just go on the website you mentioned click on the one you want.enter image description here

Open it click on install enter image description here

and it will be installed.You can search it in your LibreOffice writer.

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