Ubuntu: Access to Ubuntu Server 12.04 offline


How to login in Ubuntu Server when server is offline? After start booting ubuntu screen show nothing (refresh rate is out of range). I try Ctrl + Alt + F1 and other and I still have not access to my server. I can't login by ssh, because I broken /etc/network/interface and server is completely offline. Any suggestion? Sorry for my english, it isn't my native language.


You can boot the machine with a ubuntu installation cd. Then select "try ubuntu" and mount the server disk. From there you can try to troubleshoot any issues. Or alternatively you can make a backup of the machine and do a reinstallation (the system /home /etc and /var are most likely sufficient for a backup).

If there's something wrong with the network configuration have a look at /etc/network/interfaces.

If you do a reinstallation beware of any databases stored on the computer: Databases cannot be recovered by just copying the configuration folders (in most cases).

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