Ubuntu: 32-bit PAE - Only 2 GB of ram recognized, 4 GB installed


Ok, there are a lot of this question and still I don't have an answer, so maybe I give it a shot asking the question. I recently bought a 2 Gb RAM and put it into another DIMM slot. So now I have 4 Gb, which on 2 Gb module each. I am using 14.04 32 bit.

  1. BIOS recognizes 4 Gb, not memtest, not livecd, not inside OS itself.
  2. lshw recognizes a total of 4 Gb, max 8 Gb.
  3. CPU is Athlon II P360, PAE is supported.
  4. Now, GPU is 512 Mb, and according to dmesg, GTT / GART is 1 Gb enabled

I only see 2 Gb of total RAM. If, and if GPU is tapping into system host, than I still have more than 2 Gb RAM.

I recognize some answer about 32 bit OS, but it still has to recognize RAM beyond 2 Gb. (almost the answer on the net suggesting PAE kernel, it's not necessary anymore). Also, I, in turn, took of each module to test, and it both works, and the system still only recognize 2 Gb RAM.

Any ideas?


Well, I found the culprit... to other users, do not buy two modules of RAM of different brands. This was solved by buying 2 of the same brand, same specs, of 4GB, now I have 8GB. Thank you for comments.

Here is a similar question regarding RAMs with different Bus speed

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