Ubuntu: 12.04 LTS - Recent update: Fails to boot with version 3.8.0-37 generic [closed]


I'm not sure what happened but last night when the new updates were released and Software center prompt me I installed and rebooted as normal. Everything on my system worked fine until the updates were installed and I rebooted. When I try to boot I am greeted with code flying down the screen and the message: "fixing recursive fault but reboot is needed". Then a trace is ran until my system locks up. The current Linux version is 3.8.0-37 generic.


I am able to boot by switching to a earlier version, but it seems like a ton of people are having this issue. I am able to boot with Linux version 3.8.0-36-generic but am still having issues booting into 3.8.0-37.


I encountered a similar problem and have seemingly resolved my issue.

Boot fail 12.04 on 3.5.0-47

I found that reinstalling ndiswrapper and then updating to 3.11 allowed me to boot without having to revert to older versions of Linux.

Only did this an hour ago. So if I encounter any hiccoughs, I'll be sure to update my post (link above).



I too just rebooted and 3.8.0-37 paniced during init for me, repeatedly. I finally picked 3.8.0-36 during boot in grub and it booted fine.


I don't know why but I think you should unplug it for 5min and plug it back in. Seems dumb but I couldn't boot and had simular error. I unplugged the system to move it somewhere more private and when I plugged it back in it worked???

Don't ask me why though??


I had this same issue, but after running sudo apt-get autoremove I was able to boot into 3.8.0-37 with no issues. Prior to running this command, I noticed that my free disk space was rather low (execute df -h command from terminal to see current free disk space). After expanding the root partition and extending the partition, I then ran the sudo apt-get autoremove command. Hope this helps.

Always back up your system before making any changes to it. I am not a Linux expert nor am I offering this advice with any warranty or guarantee that any of the steps listed above will fix your system. They could in fact cause serious system instability or damage.

That being said, good luck!


I also have this same issue and I just fixed it. the version Linux version is 3.8.0-37 generic seems to have problems with the compatibility of drivers especially wlan0 or the network driver.

What I did was to run Ubuntu in recovery mode, and uninstall the network-manager so that wlan0 will not start on boot.

1) Boot Ubuntu in recovery mode:

2) Then choose run as root option

3) Type this:

mount -o remount, rw /    sudo apt-get purge network-manager    exit  

the first command mounts the root to enable read/write access in the system and the second uninstalls the network driver on your os and the third exits you from the terminal prompt

4) if you have different network driver than the default, type:

sudo apt-get remove drivername  

5) restart your pc and boot ubuntu..

this method fixed the error in my laptop but my wlan0 is disabled.. If I try to start my wlan0, the system crashes again... Hope this helped!

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