Ubuntu: Xfce4-places-plugin doesn't show mounted partitions due to altered fstab options


To begin with, for some reason I had a problem with wine - every program I launched crashed with a strange error and pretty much nothing would execute except for applications and executables stored on my Xubuntu partition. I thought that updating wine would fix the problem but after upgrading to 1.5 I see no difference - the same error occurs over and over again:


I think I've always had similar problems with wine. However, I decided to do some research and a person from another forum claimed that his inability to execute files from partitions with wine was due to a 'users' option in /etc/fstab. I currently have 1 ntfs partition for Windows, 1 ext4 for Xubuntu, 1 ext2 and 6 ntfs for file storage and 1 swap partition. All my file storage partitions were configured with a 'users' option and I removed it. On the positive side, all my executable files would actually execute without an error from every partition I tried. On the negative side, however, I'm not able to see any of my partitions in the Places Menu. They are mounted from /dev/sdaX to /media/sdaX but my Places menu doesn't show them. It shows only my Xubuntu and Windows partitions.

So far I've tried altering the fstab options for my ext2 and ntfs partitions a bit by adding a uid and umask and putting ntfs-3g instead of only ntfs but it's either no exes and visible drives or invisible drives and working exes (depending on whether the 'user' or 'users' option is added).

If there's any substitute to the xfce4-places-plugin which would certainly work with xfce4 and show my drives, gtk bookmarks and home folder, I'd be more than happy to use it.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance!

EDIT: Just downgraded to 1.4.1 because some games and applications seemed blurry and this fixed it but the error still occurs.


Well, I managed to fix this myself. It turned out that the 'users' option brought 'noexec' with itself and it was necessary to manually add the 'exec' option to the fstab partition entries.

This is an example of a line from /etc/fstab containing mounting a ntfs partition in order to allow executing:

/dev/sdaX /media/sdaX ntfs-3g uid=username,umask=077,users,exec 0 0

Where X is the number of the partition and username is your username.

The 'exec' option MUST be at the end, otherwise it won't work and will mount the partition with a 'noexec' option.

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