Ubuntu: Wrong notification on GNOME Shell?


I just installed GNOME Shell on my 12.04 a couple hours ago.
The notifications are just cool, and I installed shell extensions, and it works smoothly in 1 hour.
Then I restarted my computer for some reason, start back in to GNOME.
And I was surprised with the default notification showed up.
It replaced the GNOME notifications!


I tried to:

  1. Reinstall gnome-shell. (autoremove and install)
  2. Reset desktop configuration.

But it didn't work at all.
Is there anything I can do to fix it?

Plus: I got a double notification (osd + gnome notification showed up) when someone chatted me.


Are you still having this problem? After an update this weekend I was getting Unity and Gnome notifications, sometimes for the same events. Then, I installed updates today and the problem seems to be fixed.


Try modifying /usr/share/dbus-1/services/org.freedesktop.Notifications.service, basically it tells the system to open notify-osd if you are using a unity, unity-2d or a gnome-session.

Since I don't have unity, I just replaced both cases to notification-daemon


Try sudo apt-get remove libnotify4 libnotify-bin notify-osd this could remove Unity notification system.

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