Ubuntu: Wireless was disabled?


I downloaded version 11.04 and it does not find the drivers to install and can not even find anything on google to fix this problem. thought I was my wireless did not work on linux, but I downloaded the Ubuntu version ultimate gamers, and my wireless worked normal I downloaded version 12.04, thinking it would fix q hitch, but then nothing = / Please give me a light. I can not stand to use another OS, I want Ubuntu!!!


Which wireless card are you using?

Reply with the output from the following command: lspci


If it's a broadcom wireless card then you will need to run the following to get wireless working.

sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer  


I had a similar problem. In my case, it was working fine, but I had to reinstall Kubuntu (unrelated issue), and it wasn't working anymore. I fixed it like this (requires wired connection):

Go to System >> Additional Drivers.
Remove the Broadcom STA drivers.
Activate Broadcom STA drivers (will download and reinstall).
Problem solved.


Things helped me to enable wireless network:

My laptop: Vista, Compaq, UBUNTU 12.04

  1. lshw returned *-network UNCLAIMED
  2. connected to wired network
  3. ran sudo apt-get update;
  4. Verified broadcom driver in "Additional Drivers". Wirless options are not yet available after this step.
  5. lshw returned *-network DISABLED.
  6. ran sudo modprobe b43; At this point I was able to see the wireless options in the menu, but these options are not enabled. The light on wireless switch is amber.
  7. ran echo b43 | sudo tee -a /etc/modules > /dev/null; still not wireless is not enabled. The light on wireless switch is amber.
  8. ran sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer; This turns the wireless light to blue and wireless options are available.

I have read many blogs. Each step here comes from a different blog. But finally worked. Thanks for everyone.

I am still wondering how did the wireless worked automatically when I ran Ubuntu from CD in recovery mode and why can't the install do the same! That would save a lot of time.


Connect to the internet on that computer with ethernet if possible and go to PREFERENCES >> ADDITIONAL DRIVERS

The driver for your wireless card should pop up if you are connected to the internet. Then just click INSTALL or ENABLE.(I forget what verbiage is used there)

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