Ubuntu: WindowsXP Guest OS runs only when its Virtual HDD is in the home folder of Ubuntu


I am into a weird problem. I have installed VirtualBox in my Precise Pangolin in my laptop. My System contains two partitions. Lets presume that they are partition A and Partition B. Partition A contains Ubuntu.

Tried to install Windows XP as a guest operating system in my precise pangolin. But I couldnt install. Windows XP threw an error message while installing, stating that the files cannot be copied onto the harddisk. This scenario happens, when I have my Virtual Hard Disk for WindowsXP Guest inside Partion B. But when I have the Virtual Hard Disk inside my home folder in Ubuntu, It is running fine.

Could any one please help me resolve this issue?

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Regards, Hari


Where is Partition B mounted? And how is VirtualBox pointed to it?

I have a similar setup as yours, except my host is 11.04 (Natty) and XP runs fine as a guest OS.

I have 2 drives, instead of 2 partitions. My 2nd drive is mounted at /mnt/shared, and the storage/disk in VB points to /mnt/shared/VirtualBox/VDI/WinXP.vdi.


This is a permissions issue. You do not have the correct permissions assigned to the VM. You would want to do something like this:

sudo chown -R hariharan:hariharan /path/to/vm/folder  

Replace hariharan:hariharan with the appropriate username:group, and /path/to/vm/folder with the path to the folder that contains the vm disk image and settings.

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