Ubuntu: Windows 7/8 and Ubuntu triple boot


I already have windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04 installed. Now I want to install windows 8 for a triple boot. How can I do that?


  1. Make sure it will not go beyond the 4 primary partitions; if so then your PC will not boot up.

  2. You can make extra partition with GParted--up to four primary partitions, or up to three primary partitions plus an extended partition that acts as a contained for logical partitions. This way you can effectively have more than four partitions.

  3. Make sure you have sufficient space for Windows 8.

  4. Install Windows 8.

  5. Now you notice that only Windows 7 and 8 are listed in Windows's boot loader.

  6. You have 2 option to make it so you can select Ubuntu when booting your machine:

    1. Add Ubuntu in windows boot loader by using easyBCD.

    2. Reinstall GRUB 2 by live CD.

      For this watch this video.

      After this if your windows in not listed in grub 2 then type

      sudo update-grub2  

      Even if Windows is not listed retry after mounting your windows drive.

      Here is a video for updating GRUB2.


  1. Via Gparted, reduce some partitions in order to make free space on disk
  2. Install Windows8 in this free space
  3. reinstall GRUB (eg via Boot-Repair)

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