Ubuntu: Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04 dual boot . How to expand the size of Windows partition?


I don't want to lose any data or else i would installed them again. There must be a way to increase the partition size.


You should use Gparted, a great disk partitioning software.
It is recommended by many people.

Download it from here
Download the .iso file and boot from the live cd
You can move, re-size, copy. delete, create, etc partitions at will.

Another alternative you have is to boot from an Ubuntu live cd/usb and use Gparted from it.

Note - Although the download link says

Editing partitions has the potential to cause LOSS of DATA.

That is not much encountered. As long as you are resizing onto an empty unallocated space you are safe.
I myself have done resizing many times and have never ever come across any data loss.
Well, if you are a pessimist or tend to get a bit panicky at times, i would suggest a back-up of the most important data.

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