Ubuntu: Why is pcmanfm is still running after following the LXDE/XFCE Hybrid instructions?


OS: Lubuntu 13.04

I'm trying to replace PCManFM with Thunar and xfdesktop. For this, I followed the procedure described in the section titled "LXDE/XFCE Hybrid" here.

However, after a reboot, the desktop is still controlled by PCManFM and when I run ps -ef I see this (in part):

  UID     PID   PPID   C STIME TTY   TIME     CMD  vasa1   1624  1540   0 18:18   ?   00:00:00 pcmanfm --desktop --profile lubuntu  vasa1   1642     1   0 18:18   ?   00:00:00 xfdesktop    

If I kill the process, xfdesktop immediately takes over.

So why is pcmanfm still running? Is this:

Stop pcmanfm desktop being run on login: edit the file /etc/xdg/lxsession/Lubuntu/autostart and change the line @pcmanfm --desktop --profile lubuntu to !@pcmanfm --desktop --profile lubuntu

no longer effective?


Based on what I read here, it is necessary to comment out or delete the same line, @pcmanfm --desktop --profile lubuntu, from ~/.config/lxsession/Lubuntu/autostart. After doing this, no pcmanfm process runs and the xfdesktop is in charge.

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