Ubuntu: Why is everything crashing?


I've been using Ubuntu for a while now and I love it, I wouldn't think of using another OS unless I can't fix this issue.

The install I'm on is only around a month and a half old. I'm running 12.04 64bit on a 8,1 MBP.

Up until around 2 weeks ago everything was running smoothly. Around then applications started crashing and weird things started happening. At first I thought it was just certain applications.

The first thing to start giving me trouble was compiz. Occasionally compiz will stop decorating windows and lost many other functionalities. running compiz --replace fixes this, but I don't feel like doing it usually once a day. The other thing with this is that after running compiz --replace, my conky window gets lost somewhere and so I run killall conky && conky -c .conkyrc.

But this isn't with just a couple applications, it seems like it is proliferating through my system.

Last week fontforge started crashing while doing whatever task. So I ended up unable to finish what I was working on to completeness. Didn't find a fix.

Today rhythmbox started crashing. Whenever I try to play anything, Rhythmbox becomes unresponsive and needs to be forced to close.

When I try to do certain things with the disk utility, it crashes.

I get the Ubuntu has experienced an internal error message much more often than I would like. Frequently applications stop appearing in the launcher. Wine almost never does anymore.

After not being active for a little while, thunderbird can only fetch my mail after restarting wireless, sudo rmmod b43 && sudo modprobe b43

Occasionally some of my startup apps don't start.

What is my best option here? Could they be bugs? I don't want to submit a ton of vague bug reports. Reinstall? switch OS?

Thank you to anyone who responds. Kopkins


This is pretty unusual, and you are most likely correct that the problems are all related, and are not caused by any of the individual symptoms. From what you've described, I'd certainly be looking at a hardware problem, such as a bad memory chip.

I would start with the Memtest86 bootable program, and let it run all the tests for a while. You should have a copy at the Grub startup menu, I think.

If that doesn't show any problems, you should look at your Hard Disk drive. Make sure SMART is enabled, then take a look at the statistics in the disk utility, under SMART Data.

There may be something in the logfiles that can give a clue if all else fails.

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