Ubuntu: Why doesn't right-click work on my desktop?


I installed elementary OS and e17 on my Ubuntu 12.04 from ppas. After logout and login, right click on desktop is not working in gnome and unity but working in file manger.When I login into Pantheon session, I don't find an option to open Home folder and my login display manager theme is also changed.I want to get back to default Ubuntu login theme.Can i change the login theme with simple-lightdm manager. I dont want to mess up my system.Please hemp me how to fix these.


Try this:

  • Go to the Software Center, type Advanced Settings in search, and install the Advanced Settings (Gnome Tweak) tool.

Gnome Tweak

  • Click on the launcher (top left), type advanced and run the Advanced Settings tool. Under Desktop, set the first item "Have file manager handle the desktop" to ON. If it is ON, turn off then on again.

adv settings

  • That should hopefully fix the right-click issue.


please try the following to repair the rightclick-behaviour of the desktop:

  1. Install gconf-editor and open it

    sudo apt-get install gconf-editor && gconf-editor  
  2. Go to apps > nautilus > preferences

  3. Check whether the tick at the 'show desktop' entry is set.
  4. If not, activate this item.
  5. Restart the machine or log out and log in back.

These steps should clear your problem with the desktop :)


that happens when the desktop icons are disabled, you can use the permanent fix of use dconf-editor -> org -> gnome -> desktop -> background and click show desktop icons, then reboot and it's solved. I hate the desktop icons, but unity disable whole features if this is remove. Cheers

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