Ubuntu: Why does Ubuntu, sometimes, fails to load?


I recently installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on my SONY VAIO VPCEH (with Windows 7 Home Basic
previously installed). Sometimes when I boot in Ubuntu, following things happen:

  • Ubuntu loading screen seems to freeze.
  • Esc key doesn't show installation progress.
  • Hard-drive led doesn't glow.
  • caps lock and scroll lock keys keep blinking.

I've to manually restart my laptop. On restart, Ubuntu loads normally.
What can I do to recover from present situation?


This sounds like a IRQ Conflict Problem. But could also be a kernel Panic Problem. You should try to add some boot parameters and check if they might help. You can add those to the grub menu.

More here:

Boot Options (English)

Boot Parameters (German)

I sometimes had to use the following: (even in combination)

noapic, noagp, noapm


In some cases it's only just a lock screen problem and easy to bypass: just try CTRL+ALT+F8.

What is happening is that system is running properly, as one can see by login from CTRL+ALT+F1 virtual terminal (VT) or from a remote terminal, but the lock screen at VT7 , obtained by CTRL+ALT+F7 is freezed due to a light-locker screensaving program function who moves to the next VT8.

Forfurther details see Screen Locking in Xubuntu

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