Ubuntu: While debugging in Eclipse the UI freezes completely. How can I find out what's going wrong? [closed]


I'm using Ubuntu 13.10 and am debugging Java Swing Events with Eclipse 4.3.

At a specific point a popup menu is shown by my application and that's the point where my UI freezes. Just the mouse pointer can be moved but nothing responds to it.

To end the freeze I go to TTY1, look up the latest java process and kill it.

I would like to find out what causes this error. Is it a systematical error or is there anything wrong? The reason I care is, because I would like to simply debug over that single point of interest :-)

The log files show no important entries (but I'm not totally sure about that). xsession-errors isn't updated and if I kill the process with -9 the situation continues to be akward: Key events work but the mouse is still not working correctly. Until I close Eclipse.

IMO this is a sign for something memory related. But top and the UI-tool show that there's enough memory left.

So what can I do to find the source of this problem?


There is a good way to debug issues with any local Java app, if you haven't used it before, VisualVM really helps with runaway server processes. It launces as a gui application and attaches to any Java apps running in the same jvm. If Eclipse is locked up doing work this will at least let you know what methods is stuck on.

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