Ubuntu: Where to find default/ test page for Apache2


I have a VPS running Ubuntu 13.10 and has an Apache2 website, and whenever I go to the VPS's IP ,I get the default/test page for Apache instead of my website located in /var/www.

It's an html + css website.

Edit: My solution below


Make sure the html home page file is in /var/www, and is called index.html - index.html is the first/default webpage you should get on typing the sites domain name/IP address. All other files can be linked to & from the index.html root/home file.


My solution:

Add a new virtual host for the ip address in the file located at \etc\apache2\sites-available\000-default.conf as <VirtualHost *:80> and change ServerName to the IP.

In \etc\apache2\sites-available\default-ssl.conf (if you have ssl enabled) as

<VirtualHost *:443>

and change ServerName to the IP.


The default apache2 start page is found under /var/www and named index.html. It will run by default whenevr you try to access your webserver(apache2) either by calling http://localhost/ or http://your-ip

For your site to run smoothly just put your html and css files inside a directory in /var/www name it mysite for example. Then you can run your default(index.html) file of your site just by locating to /var/www/mysite

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