Ubuntu: Where is the window switcher in ubuntu 12.10?


I just installed the new ubuntu 12.10. I also installed the Compiz Settings Manager because I like to customize the desktop a little bit. I really like the window switcher that used to come with Compiz. With this setting, you can customize a key-combination (I like to use the Super + Tab) and you can cycle through all the open windows that you have. It is a cool 3D visualization and very useful. I think it was called "Ring switcher" in my 12.04 installation.

Does anyone know how I can get this functionality back?



You can get the functionality the same way that you used to. The only problem being that ubuntu already had super+tab functions reserved. So, either edit these super+tab functions in the unity plugin of ccsm or, just configure some other shortcut keys for the ring switcher.

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