Ubuntu: Where is Rhythmbox when I close the window?


I use Rhythmbox to play songs, but when I clicked the top-right close X, it disappeared, but the song is still playing.

Where can I find it?

PS. I use Lubuntu


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When you clicked the X in the top-right corner, you just closed the program window, not quit the program. This allows you to play music while not having the window open, a quite useful feature actually.

Just start Rythmbox again and it will pop right back up where you left it!


You can make it like this,
First exit/close Rhythmbox, then download rhythmbox-tray-icon.zip
and extract its contents into ~/.local/share/rhythmbox/plugins.

Start Rhythmbox. Go to Edit > Plugins.
Find 'Tray Icon' in the plugins list and enable it.
A Rhythmbox icon appears in the notification area.

I tested on my Linux LXLE working nicely...:D

adapted from here:

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