Ubuntu: where is application/others in ubuntu 13.04?


First, im new in ubuntu so please bear with me.

I've installed xampp for linux (lampp), and now im trying to get its UI (like windows) by following this guide

I've successfully followed the guide, until the final step that i must open the xampp in Application>>> Others.

Where is this application/others folder? I tried to find it and do some googling but i still cant find it.

Thanks for your time :D


Nowadays you use the dash to find the application so hit the windows key and start typing xampp-control-panel and somewhere around character 3 or 4 it should show you the program you need to start.

As a fallback you can use the command line. Your desktop file tells you this:

Exec=gksudo python /opt/lampp/share/xampp-control-panel/xampp-control-panel.py  

So you can do ...

gksudo python /opt/lampp/share/xampp-control-panel/xampp-control-panel.py  

on command line and get it to activate.

Besides that: if you start the xampp control panel it will also add an icon to the Unity Launcher. That negates most of the guide you are using (that guide is from 2010 so not really suited for a 2013 release).

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