Ubuntu: Where did my Windows go?


I am a newbie to Ubuntu. I was trying to dual boot my Windows 7 PC.
SO, I made a bootable USB and proceeded to install Ubuntu 12.04

I am aware that during installation there are three options:
1. Install alongside Windows 7
2. Get rid of Windows 7
3. Something else

Well, the Something else option gave me something else than what I thought.

Before I installed Ubuntu I had 4 partitions (including System Reserve), C D E.
C is where Windows 7 was D is where data was (and still is)
E is where I decided to install Ubuntu.

So, I went to the Something Else option, selected the /sda4/ which was E:/ drive and clicked on Install Now.
All went well. On restart, it started Ubuntu (wasn't I supposed to get an option to boot either this or Windows 7?)

Now, the data is there. However, I do not get the option to start Windows. How do I get that option back ?

Here is what I have tried so far:
1. Manually editing the GRUB entries
2. Try BoorRepair

By using boot repair I can boot to either Windows 7 or Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
However, there is no option to choose from the two at start up.


Try repairing grup. Alongside you can add windows to the bootmenue if not already present after repairing and updating grup.



It's probably because you chose 'Something else' instead of 'Install alongside Ubuntu', so it won't realize you have Windows installed and therefore GRUB won't let you choose. Make sure GRUB is installed (sudo apt-get install grub if it isn't) then run update-grub in the terminal and restart.

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