Ubuntu: Where can I find out if a graphics card will work on the newest versions of Ubuntu?


I'm really a newbie at graphics cards and have NO clue anything about them. I want to surprise my dad for his birthday with a fairly nice graphics card as his old one doesn't work with new versions of Ubuntu. He cannot run Unity at all and he wishes to. He has a Dell XPS 410 Desktop. I'm looking for a card that will run Ubuntu 13 and future versions. He doesn't play any games, he surfs the web constantly. I don't have a lot of money, 300$ is my limit for this card. I've looked through the hardware supported but as I'm not really good at an of this I have no idea what it means. Could someone just suggest a few good cards? Thanks!!


You can check out the Component catalog. The component catalog contains devices from 242 manufacturers.

You could also check out the Ubuntu Certified hardware


Nowadays, it really doesn't matter anymore. I found that both nVidia and AMD have great proprietary drivers. Nvidia might have a bit better drivers I think.

So no worries about drivers.. just worry about which card fits your needs and budget best. :)

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