Ubuntu: Where are the Ubuntu and Ubuntu One servers located?


I would like to know where the Ubuntu Main repository and Ubuntu One servers are located.


Ubuntu One uses Amazon, so the data could be in any one of six locations around the world https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/TechnicalDetails


As for the official Ubuntu one servers I have no idea. However, the repositories (what you refer to as the "Ubuntu" server) is really a system of volunteering mirrors. You can see these mirrors under "Software sources". They are scattered, but quite a few occur at sites of other business.


Ubuntu One server seems to be located in Great Britain as this answer suggests.

And the Ubuntu Main repository, archive.ubuntu.com is also located in the Great Britain. As also this page returns result when input with "archive.ubuntu.com"

Hostname    archive.ubuntu.com      ISP     Canonical Ltd  Continent   Europe      Flag    GB  Country     United Kingdom      Country Code    GB (GBR)  Region  Unknown         Local time*     03 Jul 2012 05:14  City    Unknown         Latitude    54  IP Address       Longitude   -2   

You can also get the result by going to this link

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