Ubuntu: When typing, mouse stops moving


i did a clean installation of Ubuntu 12.04 recently and all is well, except for one small thing. When i type anything and anywhere with the keyboard, i cant move the mouse.

So for example when i am playing a game which requires two hands like Nexuiz, i can only move the character but i cannot turn around simultaneously. Ubuntu runs on a desktop PC.

I have a standard cheap Logitech keyboard and the most common Microsoft mouse. I tried connecting the keyboard or the mouse, or both together on the PS/2 hub but it's still the same.

Any suggestions considering the solution of this problem are welcome.

Also note that i have already tried the 'Disable touch while typing' from dconf-tools with no result. Thanks in advance to anyone who replies.


Is it possible that your mouse has been recognized as a touchpad? By default, touchpad is disabled when typing. Go to the settings / mouse and touchpad, and inspect the options there.

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