Ubuntu: What version of Ubuntu support switchable graphics?


I have an HP with Inter and ATI and i want to have Ubuntu on my notebook. I have installed the version 12.04 and I didn´t found any driver for my graphic card :( what is the version that i need to install to have my PC wotking with full hardware? Thanks :D


Ubuntu 10.10 and newer.

All of your questions are in this quote (Source):

How to switch the GPU

The kernel shipped in Ubuntu 10.10 supports hybrid graphics by means of the vga_switcheroo flag. See vga_switcheroo below.

Enabling vga_switcheroo

vga_switcheroo is the kernel mechanism that allows you to switch between GPUs if your machine has a hardware mux. Note that this method is not supported by all machines and only works if you are using the opensource driver (nouveau, radeon) and not the proprietary ones (nvidia, fglrx).

To check whether your kernel is compiled with the proper option you can examine the file config-2.6.nn-mm-generic in the /boot directory:

grep -i switcheroo /boot/config-*  

The vga_switcheroo mechanism will only be active when the kernel is booted with either the modeset=1 kernel option, and/or the nomodeset option being absent.

To test if vga_switcheroo is enabled, look for the switch file:

ls -l /sys/kernel/debug/vgaswitcheroo/switch  

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