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When I run sudo iptables -L, I get:

Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT)  target     prot opt source               destination  REJECT     tcp  --  anywhere             anywhere            tcp dpt:www flags:FIN,SYN,RST,ACK/SYN #conn/32 > 20 reject-with tcp-reset    Chain FORWARD (policy ACCEPT)  target     prot opt source               destination    Chain OUTPUT (policy ACCEPT)  target     prot opt source               destination  

What does this mean? I am pretty new to the whole Ubuntu world. I cannot access webmin at times, keep getting The connection has timed out error.


This rule limits the number of parallel connections coming from a single IP to your webserver. In this case no more than 20 parallel connections from a single IP are allowed.

Usually rules like these are used to protect against DoS attacks.

Given a browser which opens a new connection for every image included in the HTML file you might easily exceed this limit.


That firewall rule prevents a particular type of attack against your computer, and wouldn't have anything to do with being unable to access a web-based tool.

An occassional "connection timed out" message generally means there is something wrong with the network you're using, or with the webserver hosting webmin.

The only way the above rule would be affecting you is if you're running webmin on your own computer - is that the case?

[edited to be more specific/accurate]

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