Ubuntu: What can be done to increase my Ubuntu's speed?


I have a 1GiB RAM and my operations are mostly using 3 internet tabs at a time, while working on a document (sometimes, like 53% of the time) However, my WinXP seems to work faster than Ubuntu. Is this a natural drawback of Ubuntu, or is there something I should do? (I also constantly remove unwanted programs from time to time)

NOTE: I'm not that rich to buy 4 GB memory RAMs.


Use some other distribution or other desktop interface.

Unity is resource hungry.

Try using lubuntu, xubuntu or mint with mate desktop.


In addition to alternate window managers , slow responsiveness can come from buggy drivers. I have seen poor performance as a result of poor video drivers as well as some wireless cards.

Please identify your hardware, try booting with wireless disabled (use a cable) and see what happens.

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