Ubuntu: What are the available browsers for 128 MB of RAM PC?


Running 12.04 with VirtualBox and I set it for 128MB of RAM. I cannot use more than 128MB of RAM.

Since the browsers I know like Firefox, Google Chrome and Chromium seem to eat more RAM, could somebody suggest me browsers which consumes low RAM?


what i know and close to what you want is midori , midori is a web browser that aims to be lightweight and fast.. go to ubuntu software center type midori and install it.

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Text based web browser!

Definitely text based web browsers have limitations but running a more capable GUI web browser will also have limitations.

The main plus for a text based browser is that it will give you good speed/productivity in loading pages, scrolling pages, etc. The main minus for text based browser is you can't see images and many advanced websites won't display properly (or at all).

Here's some quick information about text based web browsers:


If midori still needs to much memory, you may test dillo.


There's yet another great option. Opera. Get that and turn on what it calls "Turbo boost". What this setting does is reduce the size of webpages from %30-%80 (hence load times and memory consumption) by processing reduced quality images that are slightly blurrier. You can also turn on an additional setting called "Load plugins only on demand" which is another setting that greatly reduces memory consumption by not running plugins on pages like Youtube except on your terms (you click a play button to allow it when you're ready).

If you're having trouble finding these options then google them. Opera has its own 'user's manual' kind of page explaining its settings and options and where to find them.


You might be interested in Links2. It is available in ubuntu and has as ow a footprint as possible. You really should check out the man-page before using it. Especially important is the flag -g, if you forget to add it when starting up, it will start in textmode.

Is it a bit too much hardcore and not standards compliant enough? Try netsurf-gtk.

Are you a vi-fanatic, and/or like fidgeting around in source and/or configs, check out surf, uzbl and dwb (no specific ordering).

And if you grew tired of those, you are able to open up an terminal and issue the command apt-cache showpkg www-browser and look under "Reverse Provides:" which will show all browsers in the repositories.


It makes very little difference which browser you use. They all need to display the same websites, and handle multiple tabs and caching, and the "bigger" browsers are also the most heavily optimized.

My recommendation:

  • Pick a browser you like (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc.)
  • Make sure you're on the newest version
  • Don't install any addons
  • If you find the browser is running slowly, try one of the other major browsers

A good browser to try first is definitely Firefox, since it's heavily optimized for this case, and the newest versions are pretty impressive. I don't recommend minor browsers like Midori since they tend to be less optimized and buggier.

You have to keep in mind that some websites just aren't going to work well on that amount of memory, no matter which browser you use. Things like Facebook, Google+, Google Reader, etc. are all entire applications running in a very high level language, but again -- newer major browsers have more heavily optimized JavaScript engines.


Assuming you're interested on a graphical browser, you can try the Dillo browser, which is available on the dillo package (screenshots).

I don't think it supports JavaScript or plug-ins, I think it supports CSS and HTML 4 which should be fine for simple websites.


I suggest checking out K-Meleon. It's designed to run with little memory.


Might try K-Meleon? Apparently it only needs 32MB of RAM, might be a bit slow though. Don't know how the latest release fairs.

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