Ubuntu: Volume and other indicators disappeared in the classic desktop


I updgraded my ubuntu to 12.04 LTS and then installed gnome classic since I do not like unity. But then the volume icon at the up-right corner has disappeared. How can I get it back to that place. Thanks for any help.

enter image description here


from your screenshot, it looks like you have removed the indicator applet complete applet

enter image description here

Alt+Win+ right click the panel to add the applet. You can similarly remove the other gnome-applets.

If the applet doesnt appear in your list, install the applet from software-center:

Install via the software center

or via the command line:

sudo apt-get install indicator-applet-complete  


I had this problem too. Run gnome-sound-applet from the command line to check that it is installed and working.

To start the sound applet automatically, go to System Tools>Preferences>Startup Applications and add Command gnome-sound-applet


sudo apt-get install indicator-applet-complete    sudo apt-get install dconf-editor  

than refer to the following figure to make visible the applets that you need. enter image description here


Alt+Win+ right click the panel to add an applet.

There are two kinds of indicator applets. I dont know the exact translation, but there is a standard and a full version. Try the full version.


yes, same problem, maybe: http://code.google.com/p/volti/

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