Ubuntu: vmplayer 5: can't create VM from vmdk


Yesterday I installed VMware player 5.0.2 from bundle file on a ubuntu 12.10 machine. Then I created a VM containing WinXP Professional, this too went well.

But when I looked for creating a new VM starting from the previous one, I can't find any option on vmplayer library that let me do it.

No custom installation, no option to choose a vmdk to start from, as I read on some docs on internet.

My copy of vmplayer seems to not offer these functions.

I even tried to reinstall everything, running vm-installer -u vmplayer and then deleting the .vmware folder on home dirs.

But after reinstall, something seems to be still persistent : at first run it automatically position the library on the folder where VM are saved.

My question is : Can I use vmplayer 5 to create VMs starting from a previous vmdk ? If yes, why this option is not available ?


VMware player does not allow you to create and edit virtual machines in the generic "player". That's what Workstation is for.

Alternately, use VirtualBox

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