Ubuntu: Virtualbox windows 7 guest - pressing windows key launches unity menu


Running win7 as guest in full screen mode. When i press windows key or alt+tab the vm looses focus and displays the unity menu or ubuntu's alt+tab.

I've set the VBox configuration: File Menu -> Input -> Auto Capture Keyboard but it looks like some times it captures it and some times it doesn't

Do you know how to run win7 in fullscreen and have all windows key or alt+tab strokes captured by the win7vm only?


Unfortunately this issue still seems not to be solved.

Virtual Box may grab all keys from the host OS but Unity seems not to release the Super and the Alt key. Therefore our VM will not be able to grab them before the host OS does (see here).

As a workaround we may define other keys for opening the Dash and the HUD in the virtual machine and avoid using Super and Alt keys when working in the VM.

See also:


Upgraded to 12.10 but it wasn't solved :(

I found this bug:


Go in and mark the bug as "This affects me"


I find that this is sometimes avoidable by pressing and releasing in turn the alt and/or windows keys once inside the guest os with the keyboard captured.

However it's a bit fiddly and doesn't always work!

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