Ubuntu: Videos with Lubuntu and Libreoffice


I have a presentation with a video in it (.ogg). While it works really well on my regular desktop (Unity), on my 4-years old laptop with Lubuntu installed LibreOffice cannot play the video, it just stays white. However, I can still play the file in GNOME MPlayer.

Any idea on the codec I need to install or something?


It appears that openjdk doesn't support the JMF, which is required in order to play videos. This following script from here installs sun's java and fixes the problem.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java  sudo apt-get update  sudo apt-get install oracle-java7-installer  


Sorry this may not be answer ,I do not see the comment option. I want to ask you have you tried VLC media Player VLC can play almost all Formats for you even if you have a slow pc.

Type this in Terminal

sudo apt-get install vlc  


I had the same problem recently after switching to Xubuntu 13.04. I could embed video but the frame appeared with "sound icon" (instead of question mark which appears on embedded videos) and gray frame appeared in presentation mode. Installing Oracle JRE did not help.

I am not sure what exactly helped in my case though I am quite sure the problem was GStreamer-related, probably due to some old configuration in my home directory.

Try removing ~/.gstreamer-0.10 directory (if it is present).

Or try installing gstreamer-0.10-gconf or gconf-defaults-service â€" I doubt this actually helped problem, but there may be some obsolete settings which get fixed this way.

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