Ubuntu: Using existing mysql database in lampp


I'm using ubuntu 13.04 in a 32 bit machine. I have Windows 8 installed also. I have set up lampp in my ubuntu OS. Now I want to use mysql databases of Windows in ubuntus lampp. I have searched a lot online, but couldn't find any suitable solution. Can anyone help please?


Use mysqldump.exe to dump the database contents under Windows into a .sql file. You can then either load it in under Ubuntu by using the mysql tool, or you can load it into a separate system so that it is accessible under both Ubuntu and Windows.


I don't know how by heart how to do it, but I know that you can configure MySQL to allow remote connections. By this, you can have your Windows machine run the MySQL server and connect from the virtual Ubuntu over network.


To create a php development environment in Ubuntu installed with MySQL and Apache, you may try this link : https://engineersview.wordpress.com/2013/06/03/php-development-in-ubuntu/

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