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I am new to Ubuntu. i have installed it using windows Ubuntu installer. at first it worked well.but i have committed mistake while working in Quantum espresso software,Linux is required plat form for it. this mistake erased my Ubuntu. while i restart my pc there are two OS option to select one is windows and another one is Ubuntu. when i tried to boot Ubuntu it shows that Ubuntu is erased. so i installed Ubuntu once more.but now problem is when i restart pc it shows three OS list now these are one windows and two Ubuntu and i can boot both the Ubuntu.

so my question is how to erase old all Ubuntu and install new one

please help in this reg.,
thank you


  1. Open the Terminal program
  2. Enter the command sudo update-grub (which will ask for your login password)

This should regenerate the menu configuration file of grub bootloader, and remove the duplicate entry.

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