Ubuntu: Unable to locate package ubuntu-restricted-extras and software center issue


I use Lenovo G450 and just installed 11.10, but hadn't checked third party software installation at that time. Now, when i code "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras," i am getting this message "Unable to locate package ubuntu-restricted-extras".

Also, when I try from Software center, there is "updating cache" running from long time and this selection for restricted-extras adds two more "updating cache" and "enabling component of the distribution". All in waiting mode.
what should I do??


You need to kill all instances of the update manager. To do this you can Ctrl+Alt+t to open a terminal and type sudo killall update-manager

Now you need to manager the update-manager.

Alt+F2 type update-manager once it opens go to settings and uncheck automatic updates. This will allow you to manually manage the apt process. --you will no longer receive automatic updates. You should be able to add restricted extras without interruption.

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras  

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