Ubuntu: Unable to install software updates in Ubuntu 12.04 [duplicate]


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How do I deal with “unauthenticated sources” errors in the Software Center?

I'm trying to install software updates but I always get this error.

  Requires installation of untrusted packages  The action would require the installation of packages from unauthenticated sources.  Details : gir1.2-mutter-3.0 gnome-tweak-tool libmutter0 mutter-common  

I don't know what it's asking me to do. Please help.



This actually solved the problem:

sudo apt-get clean

cd /var/lib/apt

sudo mv lists lists.old

sudo mkdir -p lists/partial

sudo apt-get clean

sudo apt-get update

Many thanks!

I got the answer here: How do I deal with "unauthenticated sources" errors in the Software Center?


You can try to select a differnent mirror. Run

sudo software-properties-gtk

In the Ubuntu Software tab, Download from, select via the drop-down an other server. After this, run

sudo apt-get update

Hopefully this will resolve your issue.

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