Ubuntu: Unable to create new folders on Ubuntu and Permissions tab is all greyed out


I freshly installed Ubuntu with lighttpd; I want to add a test file to check if my server works or not.

I am, however, unable to create files: when I right clicked and opened the "Permissions" tab I don't have any options which can be changed, everything is grayed out and it says root is the owner to the files.

How do I set the appropriate permissions?


Where do you want to create a new folder?

By the way, always you can do as root by running a command in terminal by using Sudo:

sudo mkdir you_folder_name  


If you want to change the ownership of the folder, use:

chown <new owner's user name>[:group] <folder>.

To recursively assign new ownership on a folder and it's contents, Use chown -R <new owner's user name>:[group] <folder>


if you want to create new folder you can log in as root.

sudo -s  

and create new folder where do you want. Or you can try this command:

sudo mkdir folder_name  

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