Ubuntu: Unable to boot from a USB drive on Samsung Series 9 notebook



Ubuntu 12.04 won't boot on Samsung Series 9 NP900X3A (ssd hard-drive)

I'm trying to get rid of Windows but I can't boot from USB because the USB slots on the right (USB 3.0) on the Samsung Series 9 doesn't recognize my USB stick.

I tried downloading the USB drivers from the Samsung site and installing them from the Windows partition, but still no luck.

Any ideas how I can get the USB slots working and get rid of Windows?


The problem is that Samsung has a fast boot option, hence it ignores changes to the BIOS boot priority. To disable this, use Easy Settings application to get rid of the fast boot option and boot from USB.


From: Linux on the Samsung Series 9 2012 (NP900X3B)

Booting from USB

First step of getting Linux installed is to boot from a USB stick. This took me ages to get working â€" in particular you must disable “Fast BIOS Mode” in the BIOS setup (it’s on the “Advanced” tab). Then you can alter the boot priority to USB first..

Or, a fairly compete guide:

Installing Ubuntu on the Samsung Series 9

.. This post will describe various components of the setup process that I had diifficulty with. ..


I also had difficulties to get the boot working. Finally I've got one solution. First, I did the changes recommended before. Next, I read some details about EFI: - http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/efi (in french) - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFIBooting

By default Samsung support only EFI OS. You can change this on the 'Boot options' screen with SecureBoot (Disabled) AND OS Mode Selection (CSM OS).

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