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I have always run the program UFW as my firewall in Ubuntu, and been satisifed with its performance. When I installed Ubuntu 13.04, and enabled ufw, I was not able to access the internet, and all ports were blocked. This isn't the behaviour I was expecting. I expect to reject all unsolicited packets, but allow ones requested by my computer.

The way UFW functioned in ubuntu 10.04 I found to be satisfactory (as an example). I don't want to have to add a port 80 exception to access the internet, nor do i want port 80 open and responding to port-scans. How can I make ufw drop unsolicited packets, but accept packets requested by my computer?

I am using kernel 3.8 raring ringtail, and mate Desktop 1.6.


The ufw firewall is implicating with the iptables.

So you could add some rules in iptables and with that you enfluence the "behaviour" of ufw.

Here is a description of how to add rules to iptables:


( In ufw there is parameter resp. rule "limit" but it is only supporting IPv 4. To edit iptables would bypass the restrictions of ufw. )

( I write this answer 2nd time - because the first attempt was deleted by moderator by an oversight, before I could complete it with my additions. )


For me, The solution was to recompile the ufw version source code.

"sudo chmod -R g-w /etc/ufw " from the comments was useful to help get rid of the warnings. After recompiling, I have a functional firewall, and IPV4/6 support now.

I am REALLY curious why more people do not have this issue, I've had this problem on every install of Ubuntu 12.04 or later. Guys aren't turning on your firewalls of something?

UFW source from: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ufw

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