Ubuntu: Ubuntu still identify .exe application, however I have remove WineHQ


I have remove WineHQ in via terminal completely and other WineHQ configuration. But, Ubuntu still identify .exe application, not likely never install WineHQ before.

How to remove all WineHQ programs, including icons, configuration, and the other objects that it cannot identify .exe app again? Because I'm afraid that it can spread the malware like Windows.


You can try wine uninstaller GUI

uninstaller is a GUI uninstaller for all setup programs that put an uninstall entry in the registry, e.g. InstallShield or the WISE installer. It's similar in function to "Add/Remove Programs" in Windows, except much simpler.


wine uninstaller

Reference: http://wiki.winehq.org/uninstaller


No you have not completely removed wine although you un-installed it.

Go through following steps to completely remove it:

  • Open terminal and execute these command to remove Wine with configuration file.

    sudo apt-get autoremove wine*  sudo apt-get --purge remove wine*  sudo apt-get autoremove  sudo apt-get autoclean  
  • Now finally execute following command to remove icons, and other files:

    sudo find / | grep -v '/var/cache/apt/archives' | grep wine | sudo xargs rm -r -f  
  • That's it.. Once reboot your system if it still detect.

    sudo reboot  

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