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I have been following Ubuntu's design and my interest is Ubuntu's font. The webpage, http://font.ubuntu.com/ , seems to be dead and there isn't any progress.

Is the Ubuntu Font for Arabic and Urdu dead?


Yes, progress has stalled.

Paul Sladen has summed it up nicely, so I’ll just quote him:

Quite a lot of this is hinging (waiting) on me. Dalton Maag are based in London, and when I was working at Canonical it was easy to pop in once a week or so, however I have been in London a lot less since over the last year.

I need to work on and complete some other things, and then afterwards to arrange to spend at least a couple of weeks in London working with Dalton Maag on this project.

Effectively, it's stacked up.

Update (Jan 2016): A new release of the Ubuntu Font Family containing Arabic/Urdu and Hebrew script support is available. See Paul’s comment below, and the announcement I made last year in my blog.


Muhammad Ahmad Zafar: To update you (as of October 2013). I have some newer snapshots from Dalton Maag with greater Arabic script coverage for the main font weights in the Ubuntu Font Family. There are still some issues with these (eg. baseline alignment). Would you be willing to help test them at some point during the next month? This is Arabic ''script'' (Urdu/Farsi/… and not purely Arabic).

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