Ubuntu: Ubuntu 13.04 Terminal stops responding/freezes on launch


Ubuntu noob here, so I don't know that much about Ubuntu. I know how to get around, and what not, but I still consider myself a noob.

Anyways, on to the question.

Recently, in the past 15 minutes, I noticed the Terminal stops responding on launch. I don't even get text. Just a grey screen, then it goes dark (freezes), then I have to force quit it. The most recent things I have installed was:

-Virtual Box (No OS' yet, although I plan to use some. I haven't opened the application yet)

-Compiz Settings manager - This is when I noticed the terminal acting up. I understand that Compiz is a very advanced tool. Hear me out though. I was trying to enable the wobbly windows effect, but I forgot to install the essential effects for compiz. I did not mess with anything in compiz at all, I just looked around for the theme.

I think it's mostly compiz settings manager. Should I uninstall it and reinstall it? What gives?

I have rebooted my computer since, and I have seen no changes.

Thanks in advance, you guys are an awesome community!


You could try terminator, the multi terminal.

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