Ubuntu: Ubuntu 13.04 Install presents blinking cursor


I'm trying to install Ubuntu 13.04, but am running into a specific issue, which I suspect may be a graphics issue, but am not sure.

I've downloaded the .iso, verified the md5sum, and burned it to a dvd, both on mac and lubuntu (using brasero).

I can boot from the CD, but I am required to hold/hit a key to enter the menu. However, when I try to install the new version of Ubuntu (I want a clean install) it does nothing other than present a blinking cursor at the top left.

I've checked dmesg for any issues that arose, but am not seeing anything helpful. Also, I ran a memory test, which showed no memory issues.

I'm currently running kernel 3.2.0-35-generic. My graphics card is ATI M64-S, Radeon X2300. HP 6910p.

Thoughts on how to debug this or, ideally, what the issue might be?


Looks like the answer for me was to set the "nomodeset" boot flag.

Full disclosure: I also am running it from a bootable USB, but don't think that the CD itself was the issue.

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