Ubuntu: Ubuntu 13.04 format my NTFS partition


I install Ubuntu 13.04, choosing the option "Replace Win7".

When my computer reboots, i see that my other data pratition is missing.

my Win7 partition was 100gb, and the other 220gb was the data.

I have a lot of importatnt data, how can i get them back?

I don't use my computer since the fresh install. I don't want to lose all of my data in the hard drive.

Please help me.

Thx for yuour replies.


If you haven't touch the partition, or restarted your system, there might be a possibility to get most/some of the data back. You can try using TestDisk.

TestDisk is powerful free data recovery software!

Make sure that you read about TestDisk to know how to use it before you attempt to recover anything.

Of course there is no guarantee that Testdisk will recover any of your data, but I think it worth a try.

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