Ubuntu: Ubuntu 12.10 hangs on checking battery state


I have a Thinkpad X230. After a boot it hangs with checking battery state [OK]. A second boot is most times successful.

What I have seen in other posts doesn't fit to my problem, because

  • My graphics card is Intel 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics controller (not nvidia)
  • It happens not always
  • I have a fresh installed 12.10 with the latest updates (no upgrade)

Does anyone experience the same issues or has a solution?


At least one other person had the same problem and found a solution:



If Xorg.1.log near the end has these lines:

[     3.404] (II) UnloadModule: "intel"      [     3.404] (II) Unloading intel  [     3.404] (EE) Screen(s) found, but none have a usable configuration.  [     3.404]   Fatal server error:  [     3.404] no screens found  

This worked for me. It seems lightdm is way too light. You gotta slow this baby down by adding a sleep step to it.

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