Ubuntu: Ubuntu 12.04/12.10 won't boot [closed]


I've made 3 USB installers; and none of them have installed? I don't understand what's happening?


Maybe the package from the website is corrupt. Happened to me as well, all i got was a blinking cursor whenever i tried to boot on USB.

If thats what you are facing then Follow these steps- Search for a torrent for ubuntu(whichever version youve downloaded) and set the download location as the same as the one where your existing zip file(from the ubuntu website) is. Make sure both the file names are the same(the one from the website and the torrent file).

This way when you start your torrent download, your bit torrent client will automatically do a checksum and download only the missing fragments.

[My First Answer so I'm sorry if this was a bit unclear! Let me know if I need to improve upon this for your clarity]

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